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I witnessed my first birth at the age of nine. My mother was called out to attend the birth of a friend, and with my dad still at work the only option was for me to tag along. It was a home birth and I remember being totally at ease throughout, and then utterly awestruck at the arrival of a new, tiny human in the room. I went on to attend the births of numerous clients and friends, and was lucky enough to welcome my god children into the world.

My work as a pregnancy massage therapist for twenty years in London gave me an innate respect for the birth space and a sensitivity to the needs of pregnant and birthing women. As a photojournalist, quietly disappearing into the shadows is second nature and I am very aware of staying out of the way of birth professionals, allowing the process to unfold undisturbed.

Being invited to document a birth is an incredible honour, whether it’s a midwife assisted home birth, or a planned c section in a hospital, it is a life changing event. I work closely with my clients before the birth, and my aim is to document the moments that make up your personal story, from the tiny details to the high emotions that come with welcoming the next member of your family into the world.

The price for birth photography is £750 and includes.....

A pre-birth consultation to meet and talk about your birth plan. 

I will be on call from 37 weeks of your pregnancy, until the birth of your baby with my phone on and my camera ready around the clock day or night. 

Photographic documentation during active labor, birth and the first hour with your baby.

Customized individual editing of between 150-200 photographs delivered to you via downloadable links.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information about how your birth can be documented.

"Ever since getting pregnant I wanted to hire a birth photographer to capture that special moment. It’s a magical moment that goes by very quickly and you blur out on many details. I’m glad we contacted Sarah to be ours.

We met her beforehand and we knew she was the right one. Her beautiful presence and lovely person , and a good connection with us made us not doubt it.

She arrived home as soon as we called her,  (as it was a home birth) and she photographed all of it, and stayed for a couple of hours after baby Luca was born, capturing the first moments of us as a family of 4.

Her photos were BEAUTIFUL. I still can’t stop looking at them all. She captured the very most raw and real emotions of myself in this process and of my family. She worked with a beautiful natural light, and her presence was completely un disturbing, she always seemed to find a perfect “hidden” spot and capture all of it. We were happy to have her here. I would totally recommend her to anyone who’s wanting a birth photographer. I’m forever thankful with her :)

Thank you beautiful Sarah for your work !!!"

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